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The Sportsman Cigarette Fly Collection

"SPORTSMAN ACROSS CANADA" was published during the 1950's and contains 40 pages of great illustrations & full of some super fishing information.

FOREWORD: The "Sportsman Across Canada" makes it's bow to anglers who enjoy their sportin Canada, as a source of useful information rather than as a sportsman's manual or catalogue of fishing tackle & equipment. It's contents include articles which identify & locate members of the trout & charr & other game fish families which anglers seek in each of Canada's 10 Provinces. They also deal with the factors which affect 'fisherman's luck'; tell the angler how his sport may be an all-year enjoyment & deal with that most important topic 'Conservation & Restoration' of Canada's valuable wildlife resources. Sportsman generally will enjoy the double page spreads of lures & game fish, the 120 different patterns of flies which comprise the five series of 'Famous Fishing Flies' presently being illustrated in all their glorious colors on the back panels of 'Sportsman' cigarette packages. They will also be interested in identifying the quintette of natural flies which were the ancestors of our modern artificials. With these observations we wish sportsmen everywhere the best of fishing. May you always enjoy taking the fish that you can use-& feel happy to leave some for the other fellow. With our compliments...SPORTSMAN CIGARETTES.

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Rob Chernenko  (email: Rob.Chernenko @ BCFlyFish.com )